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Access Exchange International (AEI) is a non-governmental organization promoting accessible public transport for persons with disabilities and seniors in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and eastern Europe.

New videos promote transportation to school for students with disabilities

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AEI promotes both accessible design of pedestrian infrastructure and transport systems and the accessible operation of such systems in a user-friendly and safe manner. Visit our “International resources and web links” section for information on AEI resources and other helpful publications and links. Our Newsletters section gives you the latest information on events and trends in our field.

Newly published! A guide to promote affordable, safe, accessible transportation to get children with disabilities to school in developing countries.

Cover for Bridging the Gap guide By improving transportation to and from school, more children with disabilities will attain the knowledge and skills to enable them to be productive and independent adults within a more inclusive society.

English version: Bridging the Gap:Your role in transporting children with disabilities to school in developing countries (2.5 MB PDF)

Higher-Resolution Version of Guide (6.9 MB PDF)

Spanish version: Salvando la Brecha

Hindi version: (courtesy of Svayam)

Japanese version: (courtesy of NPO Center for Independent Living-HOP)

Cover design by Eli Noyes, Alligator Planet LLC

Also Recent: A guide to promote paratransit services

Front cover of paratransit guide

Paratransit for mobility-impaired persons in developing regions: Starting up and scaling up (PDF)

Fresh approaches to the door-to-door transportation needed by persons with disabilities in less-wealthy countries.

Spanish version: Transporte puerta a puerta para personas con movilidad limitada: Su inicio y su desarrollo (PDF)


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